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5PLY Splicer
Machines - 1600mm 5 PLY - Splicer

  1. New type, high speed, high efficiency fully automatic.
  2. Max. splicing speed : 200m/min.
  3. With tension force control system.
  4. The range of splicing: Zero-tail ( end of original paper, begin of new paper).
  5. The width of splicing: 40/50mm.
  6. High precision, tensile force wheel is controlled by electron control to obtain stable splicing.
  7. The minimum interval time of splicing: 1 minute.
  8. Little order form which is 150 m, can be spliced continuously to 120m/min speed.
  9. Reliable sawtooth knife, cut the paper once. ( No need to change knife .)


5PLY Splicer
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