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5PLY Thin Edge Slitter Scorer
Machines - 1600mm 5 PLY - Thin Edge Slitter Scorer

  • Thin slitting disc, and male/female scoring wheel.
  • Suction device for taking away scrapers are provided. And creasers will be suitable for 3 ply boards of 85gsm.
  • The working unit is pneumatically lifted and lowered for ease of order change.
  • New thin disc ensures high-speed slitting and excellent slitting quality.
  • Automatic grinding device makes disc-edge sharp all along.
  • Motorized scoring gap adjustment for different caliper board.
  • Motorized axial adjusting for whole working unit to accord with the web deviation.
  • Manual order change.
  • Minimum slitting spacing: 145mm. Minimum scoring spacing: 80mm.
  • Maximum machine speed: 120m/min.
  • Available width: 1600mm.
  • Slitting No.: 3outs


5PLY Thin Edge Slitter Scorer
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