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PL-DX Manual & Semiatuo Stitcher

PL-DX Manual & Semiatuo Stitcher

Model Dx-1300(50") Dx-900(36")
SEIKO Size(mm) 1300x1000x1000 900x1000x1000
Nail Type(No.)# 17#-18# 18#
Machine speed(nail/min) 260 260
Power(kw) 0.37 0.37
Dimensions(LxWxH)mm 1700x550x1900 1400x550x1650
Weight(KG) 550 300
Speeding Semi-auto Stitche Feature In Performance
Speeding semi-auto stitcher is a high speed operation and high efficiency of the nail molding SEIKOs machine. It can promotes product output effciency and expands the capacity, also provides more materials and labor costs at te same time.
Speeding semi-auto stitcher can nails 350 times at one minute, It takes one or two minutes to change size.
The user interface is easy to operate, no training is necessary.
Single, double and fortified nail can be nailed at one time, It suits for different types of customers on the requirement of nails.
Counter in the feeding part can set the number of the pack; the box will come out in pack.
The bench adopts the automatical system to control the bench lifting and descending which can be automatically lifted and des-cended in accordance with the height of paper stacking .
All the bearings from the important parts of the machine except the ball-bearing uses Japan brands, such as IKO, NSK etc.



Machine Speed


Stitching Distance


No of Stitching


Paperboard Thickness


Stitching Wire


Max Length: (B+C) x 2


Min Length:(B+C) x 2


Max Widht:  F


Min Width  F


Side Mark  C


Stitching Flap  D


The First Stitching


Total Power


Machine size


Machine weight


Feeding Height


Floor Area


Machine Features
Semi-auto Stitching Machine is the last process in corrugated carton box making.With New-Updated technology the machine has the characterisitc of high production efficiency.fast stitching,lower labor intensity,stable performance,reliable and lower failures, it is mainly used for two pieces joint carton box stitching,to meet multi kinds of carton, different production requirement,and suitable for stitching various kinds of domestic and export cartons, it is the latest type of stitcher and replaced of chain stitcher, to become the most ideal stitching equipment in the market.
Driven By Servo Motors and operated by touch screen, which enable order changing in one minute,and easily being operated.
The Stitching distance is digitally adjusted on the touch screen,and the limit is 100mm.
The rubber wheels along with feeding shaft could be fast or slow as operator demand,which controls by touch screen.
The flap board affects the location of the first nail. It is available to adjust the position of flap board on the touch screen.
The feeding gap is automatically adjusted on the touch screen.Especially for exchange between 3 layers and 5 layers.
It has the functions of counting and quantities set up,which are convenient to bundle and pack.
Waring System: Stitching block and wrong operation will lead to immediately stop.
Flap cover and non-cover carton is available (For non-cover carton,machine need to be redesigned).

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