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PL-Y4 Lead Edge Feeder Middle Speed

PL-Y4 Lead Edge Feeder Middle Speed

Whole Machine Features.
Four Axis Lead edge Feeder System.
Skip Feeding Setting Available,Can produce Large Size Boxes.
Apply Expansion Sets Tight Links,Long years Using with precise printing.
Colorful Touch screen Input,Auto "Zero",reposition,Save Time and Boards
Powerful Main Phneumatic Cylinder Lock, make sure machine stable running.
Self-Protection system,Machine only running after all sections locked well.
Storage with 1200orders data base.
Electrical Auto Controling System.
More than 95percent of the electrical Elements are International Famous Brand. The Control system use the Servo CNC positioning technology, there are Colorful Touch Screen And Memory Parameters in the Lead edge-Feeding part, the printer, the Slotter Part. When stop the machine during production, such as clean the Printing plate/Studio,after you close all sections again, and the data you had already set will be reposition automaticallyno need set again,saves time and boards.
All sections Pneumatic Locking,electrical apart and close, automatic brake when sections apart,make sure printing precise.
Lead edge Feeder System
Vacuum Transfer, lead edge feeder system.
Baffle Behind and boards sending baffle,side baffle are all motorized Adjusting.
The Slide of the boards sending baffle using Aluminum alloys structure, Which make sure the machine Running smoothly and Steady, no shake at all.
Stainless steel Frame,Stainless steel wall durable and stable.
Automatic Counting, Touch-Screen Input and display Schneider PLC.
In order to suitable for the large size boards, Electricity and air system been used for Skip boards feeding,continue /skip boards feeding available by customer choosen
Boards feed frame with air cylinder control,equipped with Inter-Lock Control switch in Slotter And Stacker sections to ensure emergency Stop OR Restart immediately.
Machine Apart And Close.
Sections apart and close controlled by button switches,together with automatic Alarm Device.
Machine wall pneumatic open and close,whole machine locked by main cylinder on railway in the feeding unit.
Boards Sending Roller
Upper Rubber roller with tough durable rubber on surface.
Downside Embossing Roller,chrome on surface,durable and stable
“Zero” Back Setting.
A. Equipped with computer-setting Automatic back to “zero”,also registration memory function,to ensure all the units have the same adjustment, automatic setting the right position, saving boards.
Printer Roller/Cylinder.
Printer Roller/Cylinder Diameterφ455mm(φ469mm With Printing Plate.)After Stainless steel Weldinig Then Chrome on surface,quenching and high temperature tempering Processing With Central Position Of Axis, Much Durable and long time service,then do Balance of the printing Roller.
With Half and Whole-Version Hang Over Printing Plate/Studio Rotary fixing structure. 3x10mm printing plate hang up bar/plastic strip.
Footh step switch Electrical adjusting used when Printing plate mounting, unmonting or cleaning.
Print Cylinder/Roller Downside Roller.
Diameter φ195mm,Chrome on surface,then do Balance.
Downside gap with print roller manual adjusting,Range from 0-12mm,show on the dial.
Boards Sending Roller.
Upper Boards send roller solid Stainless steel,Diameterφ115mm,Three Boards Creaser wheels On Roller.
Boards Creaser Wheels Diameterφ175mm,Creaser wheels Fast Move and AUTO-LOCK design,Time saving.
Downside Roller Diameterφ195mm,Chrome on surface,then do Balance.
Pressure gap manual adjusting,Range from 0-12mm,show on the dial.
Ink Roller.
Diameterφ206.4mm,Quality seamless Stainless steel,then do Balance.
Surface coated with wear-resistant rubber, rubber roller in a parabolic form, with special grinding, ink transfer perfect and long life service(We choose Brand Supplier and rechecking all ink rollers before using on our machines).
Ink roller Motor keep running to make sure ink not dry even after Main Motor stopped.
Gap with the Anilox Roller Manual Adjusting,Range from 0-6mm,show on the dial.
Anilox Roller.
Diameter φ215mm, Metal Anilox Default,With Balance processing.
Timing Delay function,Auto up and down in sequence combined with Feeding unit.
Gap with the Ink Roller Manual Adjusting,Range from 0-6mm,show on the dial.
Anilox Roller LPI Range From 180-250LPI(Optional For Cusomter,Default 200lpi),Ceramic Roller Extra USD4,000/PC (Optional).
Anilox roller With Fast-Changing/Shafting design.
Registration Adjusting
Planetary gear structure, 360°precise Adjusting.
Motorized Registration Adjusting,digital display,With memory function,After do cleaning on printing plate,can press the “Reposition”,Printing roller can auto back to original Registration and position.
Lateral Move ±8mm, With Motorized Adjusting.
Registration adjusting with Electromagnetic brake,When sections aprat or registration adjusting, The brake can limiting the gears moving,make sure Printing postition fixed not move.
Water Ink Supply System
Planetary gear structure, 360°precise Adjusting.
With Pneumatic diaphragm pump For Ink supply,Easy operation and easy change.
Stainless stell Ink Bucket,Long life service and rust-resistance.
Operation & Control.
With computerized touch screen,PLC and Rotary Encoder self checking system for adjusting,automatic position checking,fast and accuracy.
Two ways for sizes adjusting: 01.Though Computer PLC And Encoder for adjusting box height,Length,Width. 02.By press the buttons for
Registration Adjusting
With High Precise Varible Frequency 360° Speed Adjusting,Forward and backward, fast and high precise.
Registration "Zero" back design which make sure slotting position stay the same.
Scorer Creaser(For Folding Line Making).(Upper wheels Rubber/Alloy wheels).
Scorer creaser connected with slotter knives base though high precise Lead screw.Adjusting automatically.
Upper wheels Rubber on surface avoid damage done to boards surface.
Down axis of scorer and slotter base with Eccentric adjustable design,which make sure precise position and solid frame.
Slitter Knives & Slotter Knives Base.
Thickness 7mm Slotter Knives, Imported High Quality Alloy Steel, Saw-tooth Crescent-like Slotting Knives, Hard and Toughness, durable.
The Slotter Rollers’surface are been Grinded and with Hard Chrome producer, Move Steady and smoothly
With Slotter Axial Registration-checking device, it can remember any of the position on the slotting Axial,It make sure when changing order, it can adjust automatically according to orders’data.
With computerized touch screen,PLC and Rotary Encoder self checking system for adjusting,automatic position checking,fast and accuracy.
Up and Down Pre-creaser.
Middle Knife Moveable
Can Produce Large Format Double Pieces Boxes,Lid And Bottom boxes.
Die Cutter Anivl Cover Roller/Cylinder.
Printer Roller/Cylinder Diameterφ309mm(φ405mm With Printing Plate.)After Stainless steel Weldinig Then Chrome on surface & Grinding,then do Balance.
Die Cutting Anvil Cover With Interlocking Design,convenient to Replace or Change.
Single Direction Bearing Speed Compensation System To Keep Anvil Roll Speed keep The same With Die Cutting Roller.To Ensure Die Cutting Accuracy.Compensation Ranges ±3mm For Normal Corrugated boards.
The Anvil Cover Rubber Roller with mechanical differential structure makes automatic sliding Left and right, range from 0-25mm both sides, it can make sure the Urethane rubber can been worn even, longer the service life.
Die Cutter Anvil Cover Roller gap motorized adjusting, digital display,adjusting range from 0-12mm.
when Die Cutter registration adjusting and auto back, the die cutter anvil Cover roller automatically rise up, will back to position after finish adjusting,avoid damage to Anvil Cover.

Vibrator Unit

Stacker Unit




Max Machine speed

200pcs/min(Depends Boards Quality/size)

Economic Speed:


Maxium(L x W):


Skip Feed Maxium Size(L x W):


Min Feed Size(L x W):

700㎜×360㎜(Assist Bar Needed)

Min Slotter Gap


150×150×150×150    A  Optional


270×55×270×55      B  Optional

Slotter Width x Depth:

7㎜×350㎜(Can Add)

Max Print Size(LxW):


Standard Print Plate Thickness:

7.2㎜ (3.94mm print plate + 3.0 5Cunsion Bak + 0.15plastic pvc)

Die Cutter Knives Height:


Print Precise(Middle Speed):

±0.5㎜;       Slotter:±1.5㎜

Anilox LPI:

Optional(180-250Lpi,Default 220Lpi)

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